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Simple bounded model checking
Audio stream median filter
Parallel development
CBMC × (LTO – assertions)
A year of writing a sampler
A decade of diarism
Free-flowing software stories
Work with Git submodules
Take advantage of Git
A port of libopencm3's build system to Meson
Automating in-tree dependencies with Meson
On the job again
Reverse engineering the Korg ES-1
Promoting a culture of mental health
Fuzzing Hare
Evolving a technique for unit testing in C
Faust: an experience report
FOSS and socialism
Knowledge is made in curious ways
Convert ODEs to DSP—with a tool
Nonlinear DSP is good, fun, and hard
Small is beautiful
"Coming to an understanding"
How to liberate billions of Android users
Smart: starting an electronics biz during a chip shortage
Wait, maybe not Rust
Recursyn development report 0
Recursyn: analog resampling synthesizer
Faust Brings Functional Programming to DSP
My 2020: Development Comes to a Head
The Musician Taught the Engineer
Useful Work Logging
Troubleshooting Home Network Quality Issues
How I Make Terminal Sessions Productive
Hope for Reducing C/C++ Build Times
Data in the History of Automation Tools
What I'm Up To
Designing a Platform for Programming Language Experimentation
I Slayed a Callback Dragon Today
Designing a Concatenative Language
Write C to Test C
What I learned from trying TCR
Code Framing
Clean Concurrency in Go
The Case for a Cooperative Internet Service Provider

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