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2023 May 10

Take advantage of Git

Git is awesome, but delivers most of its value when used beyond the utter basics.

Write multi-line commit messages

I’ve seen some codebases that make me wonder if the developers know that git commit -m isn’t the only way to commit changes. Some changes are too complex to summarize in one line.

I never use -m anyway because I want to heed the commit message style guidelines, and my editor helps me do that.

Store docs with code

I think teams have bad reasons to avoid this.

Use branches for parallel versions

I’ve seen some teams creating new versions of something by creating a new repository and copying files into it. If you use the same repository and create a new branch, your job is done.

Minimize diff noise

Clean diffs are easier to summarize.

It’s not a bucket

A Git repository isn’t a place where you dump stuff. It’s a way to version and distribute important information. Treating it as a sack for your disorganized bits and bobs will cause pain in the future.


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